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World Food Programme FEED T-Shirt


The FEED project was started by Lauren Bush, Honorary Spokesperson, to benefit the United Nations World Food Programme. The proceeds from FEED products go to feed hungry children in school around the world through WFP’s school feeding program. WFP fed 21.7 million children in over 74 countries in 2005. Yet around 400 million kids in the world still go to bed hungry every night. Hunger and malnutrition kill more people than AIDS, malaria, and TB combined. In fact, every five seconds a child dies because he or she is hungry. The FEED project will raise awareness about child hunger as well as give an education, a full belly, and a brighter future to one hungry kid at a time!

One T-Shirt Feeds 100 kids!

$34.95 800-727-1274.


Levi’s Eco Jeans

Levi’s anticipates a global launch of its new Eco Jeans product line. Levi’s Eco Jeans are made from 100% organically grown cotton, recycled buttons, rivets and zippers, and natural indigo is used to dye some styles of jeans.

They are identified by a small lowercase “e” embroidered inside the front pocket or at the bottom of the right leg. A natural colored canvas “Levi’s” tab and “Two Horse Patch” made from 100% organic fabric as well as natural colored pocket stitching of the brand’s arcuate also indicates the jeans are made from organic cotton. Stitching accents are green, a mark of the product line.

All external packaging will be made from organic fabric or recycled paper and printed with soy-based ink.

$19.98(sale) – $245.